Telling Smalltown Stories in the Streets of Lanesboro

History Alive! Lanesboro presents original history programs in Lanesboro, Minnesota. Our Pop-up Play productions feature acting, storytelling, dance and music to bring to life well-researched stories from our community’s rich history. Our goal is to foster community identity and a better understanding of American small-town heritage through local stories and the broader national and international events effecting folks across various time periods.

We create new Pop-up Plays about Southeast Minnesota which tour the streets of Lanesboro, highlighting a new era of history each year. The various scenes are set at sites accurate to the original events they portray. This is possible because Lanesboro has so many lovely historic buildings and spaces to explore and enjoy.



Upcoming Events:

  •  March 15: 2 p.m. “Movies and Stories from Pop-up Plays: Lanesboro Folks and WW2.” Kenilworth Commons, 607 Kenilworth Ave. South, Lanesboro. Free and Open to the public.
  • April 6: 7 p.m. “Movies and Stories from Pop-up Plays: WW2 in Norway, the Home View.” Sons of Norway Lodge, 200 South Parkway, Lanesboro. Free and Open to the Public.
  • June 3 & 4, 17 & 18, July 1 & 2, Aug. 5 & 6, Sep. 23 & 24, Oct. 7 & 8.: 3 & 5 p.m. on Saturdays and 1 p.m. on Sundays. “Walking in Their Footsteps, A Tour of Early Lanesboro.” Starts at Visitor Center, ends at Museum. $10 for 45-minute tour.
  • Aug. 19 & 26: 4 & 6 p.m. “The Ladies’ Business, 1870.” Historic Forestville, Preston-area. Tickets and directions available from Minnesota Historical Society.