History Alive! Lanesboro presents original Lanesboro, Minnesota area history programs through the arts: acting, storytelling, dance, music, and writing. We foster community identity and the understanding of American small town heritage.

We create new Pop-up Plays about Southeast Minnesota every September which tour the streets of our town, Lanesboro.


Instead, please celebrate with us the centennial of women’s voting rights or suffrage, which became part of constitution on August 26, 1920.

Watch our Online Show, Votes for Women! Rally 1920

It features five Minnesota suffragists who fought so hard for us. COVID-19 cancelled our statewide tour of this show, so we made a video for you!


To watch all of our full Pop-up Plays (including Lanesboro 1918 with the original suffrage show scene) visit our History Alive Pop-up Plays Youtube channel.

We welcome you to view lots of photos and our calendar on our Facebook page, or contact us by email historyalivelanesboro@gmail.com with questions or comments.

We are committed to deepening the understanding of past ideas, events, and people through the lens of our small town. Please consider a donation. We are a nonprofit 501.c.3 arts group so your contributions are deductible. Or support us by ‘liking’ or subscribing to our social media. THANK YOU!


“History is never done with us! “ – Lin Manuel Miranda (creator of Hamilton, hit musical show.)